Where Is It Wednesday? 2010-09-29

Paris By Cell Phone: Sept 29, 2010: Where Is It Wednesday?

What is this a photo of? You can win a coveted Chupa Chups badge and I’m not playing.

First answer in the comment section wins a coveted Chupa Chups badge (with even better prizes for repeat winners)!

15 thoughts on “Where Is It Wednesday? 2010-09-29

  1. Ahh! I knew this one – Theatre de la Ville, thanks to the useful Sarah Thingy café! But now I see I’m comment 8 I won’t bother! I’ll be faster next time I know one, so I can get that second CC badge!

    • Yeah, I have the feeling people were hanging out by my virtual doorstep, waiting for the ‘post’ to be delivered. Anyway, someone with your breadth of knowledge about all things Parisian…it’s just a matter of time before you access the next level!

      See you in the streets, Sab,

      Paris Paul

  2. *waves at Genie*
    Here’s a photo of the Sarah Thingy Café:

    (and in case the embed code does not work in comments, the link: Sarah B Photo)

    Genie – about your question. I found the post, http://dailyphotoparis.blogspot.com/2010/09/metro-entrance.html, and then I looked this info up on Wikipedia about the 5th. These are the stops:

    “Line 7 connects the 5th with the 1st, 4th, and 13th, stopping at Jussieu, Monge and Censier/Daubenton.

    Line 10 cuts east-west across the northern and most touristed part of the arrondissement stopping at Cluny/la Sorbonne, Maubert/Mutualité, Cardinal Lemoine, and Jussieu with terminus just east of the 5th’s border with the 13th at Gare d’Austerlitz.”

    It has to be one of those if it is in the 5th. I was spending a little time checking out Google Maps on Street View to see if I could find it, but so far, no dice.

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