2012-04-16 Monument Monday: The Bastille & Three Graces With Heart

Another guest post! The very talented and generous Louise-Marie has once again graced us with one of her shots. This time it’s of the Bastille / Colonne de Juillet after the rain.

Bastille After The Rain

My own personal shot is a response to Theadora’s recent post over at People, Places and Bling. Her photos of the Wallace Fountains reminded me of some shots I took at the Louvre one evening.

My first photo is of the Monument containing the heart of Henry II of France (1561-1562), by Germain Pilon. The second is of the Wallace Fountains, designed by Charles-Auguste Lebourg in 1872.

Pilon’s statue represents the Three Graces (Charm, Beauty, Creativity) holding an urn (the original of which was destroyed during the French Revolution) containing the heart of Henry II.

Lebourg’s work is of four caryatids (Simplicity, Bounty, Sobriety(!), Charity).

What do you think? Was Lebourg inspired by Pilon?

Monument containing the heart of Henry II of France by Germain Pilon

Wallace Fountain as designed by Charles-Auguste Lebourg


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I’d like to turn this site into more of a collaborative effort, if at all possible. For that, I need your help!

If, like Louise-Marie, you have taken a picture of Paris on your cell phone and would like to show it off to the world, why not do it here? It doesn’t have to be super artistic–there are enough photo sites of Paris as it is–just taken with a mobile phone and that’s all!

Please send a copy of your photograph to Paris.Paul.Prescott@gmail.com and I’ll let you know when it’ll be posted.

Thanks so much for your help!

Paris Paul

2 thoughts on “2012-04-16 Monument Monday: The Bastille & Three Graces With Heart

  1. Dear Paul and Louise-Marie! What a gorgeous post! I love the dramatic lighting in both shots. I’ve always been a fan of Germain Pilon’s sculpture. Have you seen his “Henry II and Catherine de Medici” at Saint Denis? It’s a stunner. I also dig your Pilon-Lebourg mystery! Yes, the works are very similar. It will be fun to research!! Theadora

    • Hi Theadora!

      Thanks so much for the props on the photos! I’m not familiar with the Saint Denis statue, but I’m going to look it up right now. Let me know if you find out anything concerning the link between the two sculptors.

      See you in the streets,

      Paris Paul

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