2012-05-26 Special Saturday: Gabriel Byrne in Paris

Für Eliza…

TV and Movie star Gabriel Byrne was filming Costa-Gavras’s Le capital near my office yesterday! Here he is with some downtime, no doubt playing Fruit Ninja.


I’d like to turn this site into more of a collaborative effort, if at all possible. For that, I need your help!

If you have taken a picture of Paris on your cell phone and would like to show it off to the world, why not do it here? It doesn’t have to be super artistic–there are enough photo sites of Paris as it is–just taken with a mobile phone and that’s all!

Please send a copy of your photograph to Paris.Paul.Prescott@gmail.com and I’ll let you know when it’ll be posted.

Thanks so much for your help!

Paris Paul

Please feel free to check out my Paris Inspired fiction here

7 thoughts on “2012-05-26 Special Saturday: Gabriel Byrne in Paris

  1. WOW! Great shot. Like? No. Love!! Theadora (I once got to see Gabriel Byrne “live” on the set of David Letterman in New York. He’s very witty!)

    • Hi Vreni!

      He did seem really laid back. One of my coworkers (the Eliza I mentioned at the beginning of the post) approached him as she left and he graciously accepted her compliments, so I’m sure he’s a gentleman!

      See you in the streets,

      Paris Paul

      PS And yes! They were definitely pink socks!

  2. Those pink socks are sooooo Gabriel!! :) He looks amazing as he always does in every picture!! Great picture you took! And, aye, I am sure Gabriel is such a gentleman, no I know it-I feel it. I hope someday to be able to interview him for my blog, just-just to get the chance to talk thoroughly with him….to somehow become his friend. Gabriel just he’s the best I think! :)

  3. I just discovered it’s this film here:
    “Just a Sigh” or “Le temps de l’aventure” which came out in 2013. How do I know? I’m watching it right this moment on Netflix and starting at 32 minutes into the movie, Le Bistrot Gourmand is very, very prominently featured. I said, “Hey! I know that place! (Quite well…)”

    And I remembered this post.

    Good times.

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