2012-06-13 Where Is It Wednesday?

A record three right answers this week!

Where Is It Used Wednesday Paris

First in was BJ at The Armchair Parisian, followed by Krs at WannaGoTo-Paris and Vreni from Vreni’s Vienna Daily Photo was a close third. Krs’s answer was the most complete (and in French!) so I’ll post his response:

Conçu par Napoléon Ier comme un temple à la gloire de sa Grande Armée en 1806.

La Madeleine.

Right on, Krs!

This week’s mystery building looks a lot the same, but should pose at least a little more of a challenge…

Where Is This?

Where Is It Paris 2012-06-13

Correct answers in the Comments section below win a coveted prize.


I’d like to turn this site into more of a collaborative effort, if at all possible. For that, I need your help!

If you have taken a picture of Paris on your smart phone and would like to show it off to the world, why not do it here? It doesn’t have to be super artistic–there are enough photo sites of Paris as it is–just taken with a mobile phone and that’s all!

Please send a copy of your photograph to Paris.Paul.Prescott@gmail.com and I’ll let you know when it’ll be posted.

Thanks so much for your help!

Paris Paul

Please feel free to check out my Paris Inspired fiction here

6 thoughts on “2012-06-13 Where Is It Wednesday?

  1. Palais Bourbon ~ built by the Duchess of Bourbon, daughter of King Louis XIV. Now houses Assemblée Nationale, the French parliament’s lower house. Located in the 7th near Pont de la Concorde.

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